A Carving Arm Primer
Carving arms are one of the best all around fixtures you can have in your woodcarving shop. These versatile holding devises have been used by countless woodcarvers over the years to hold all kinds of carving stock. There is almost no limit to the ways you can adapt a carving arm to your own style and type of carving.
Below I show you the many ways I have adapted carving arms to use in my shop. I hope some of you can get a little inspiration from them. And just as a little added bonus, my good friend Lynn Diel has created a couple of patterns that you can use to make your own carving arms. A link to download these files is at the bottom of the page.

Side View
(straightened out)

Top View
(straightened out)

Adjustable holding devices (top view)

Carving arm mounted flat on a table

Adjustable holding devices (bottom view)

Mounted on a homemade stand

Side view of arm
and stand

Showing how I secure carving stock to the adjustable holding devices

Mounted to the side of my workbench

Carving stock mounted on carving arm stand

Carving stock attached to arm with adjustable holding device

An eye bolt also works well for mounting carving stock to the arm