Carving a Woodspirit
On a Walking Stick
This a partial look at a feature I put on my website in February 2002 to kind of test the response for a "how to" CD I was in the process of developing. I was overwhelmed with the response and have since developed several "how to" CDs.
If you would like to purchase the full version of this instructional CD or see what others I have to offer, go to HOW TO CDS
Step 1:
The first step is to carve the surface where you want to put the face into a wedge shape. I use a wide profile (25 mm) #5 to do this.
Step 10:
Now we want to start adding some shape to the face. Using a #9 gouge ( 10 to 12 mm), make a cut above the eyebrows, leaving about 1/8 inch for the eyebrows untouched. This will be the forehead. Then make a cut just to the outside of each eye going slightly back. This will be the temples. Then make a cut starting about 1/8 inch from the bottom corner of the nose going back a little more pronounced than in the previous cut. This will be the hollowed out part of the cheeks.
(hint: if you want a little chubbier looking woodspirit, you can leave off the last cut.)
Step 5:
Using a #11 veiner ( 5 to 7 mm), cut along each side of the nose up to the inside edge of the eyebrows. Then, using the same tool cut along the bottom edge of the eyebrow to the point where the previous cut ended. You should now have established where the inside part of the eye mound, the bridge of the nose and the side of the nose will be.
Step 15:
Now let's do the same thing to the bottom of the mustache, only this time let's use a V tool ( 4 mm or larger). Make several cuts going up toward the middle of the face. Don't try to make too many, we just want to give the impression of a bushy mustache. ( hint: I find that laying the V tool slightly toward the middle side of the face makes these cuts a little more effective.) This is also a good time to make a slight cut with the V tool for the bottom lip, the top lip is under the mustache.
Step 20:
Let's start making some hair. Using a #9 gouge ( 10 to 12 mm), make several flowing type cuts going up to the bottom of the mustache and down to the forehead. Don't be afraid to put a little curve in these cuts.
Step 25:
Now let's accent the eyes. Using a small V tool ( 2 to 4 mm), make a cut in the corner of the upper eye mound toward the bridge of the nose. Now make a cut in the corner of the lower eye mound toward the bridge of the nose.
Step 30:
To finish my woodspirit walking sticks I use Deft clear gloss spray laquer. After the first coat dries I gently rub the entire stick with #0000 steel wool to remove the grain raised from the first coat. I then spray the stick 2 more times to give it a nice smooth, durable finish. I am now ready to take my new stick out for a test stroll.