The newest addition to my carving line is the Dogwood Cross. I recently took a few years off full-time carving to refresh my mind. This time away brought about a renewed passion for my craft and a redefining of priorities. From this arose these Dogwood Crosses. The dogwood blossom is a tribute to my Ozark heritage and the cross represents the new life with which I have been richly blessed.

These Dogwood Crosses come in three sizes, 6 inches tall, 12 inches tall, and 24 inches tall. They are crafted using basswood, stained, and the dogwood flower painted with oil paints with a technique that I have developed which shows color without covering up the beautiful grain of the wood. Since these are hand carved, the dogwood flowers shown here will not be the exact one that will be on your cross, but it will be similar with the same attention to details as these shown.

It is my sincere hope that these Dogwood Crosses will bless you even more than I have been blessed by the inspiration for them, my Lord Jesus.

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