Woodcarving Tips
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     Below is a listing of links to some pages of woodcarving tips and information I have put together in hopes that some of you might find something useful for your own woodcarving endeavors.
     This list is not put together in any particular order of importance.
     If you can use any of the following tips, that's great, if not; keep on carving and learning any way you can.
     The journey is different for everyone.

CT01: Carving Cradle for Large Carvings
CT02: Sharpening
CT03: Cedar, One of My Favorite Woods
CT04: Dry Erase Board & Easel For Carving Design
CT05: Cheating Eyes
CT06: A Carving Arm Primer
CT07: Carving Fringes
CT08: Carving Hands
CT09: Carving Eyes
CT10: Lazy Susan Tool Holder
CT11: Painting Woodcarvings With Oil Paints
CT12: Holding Devices for Woodcarving
CT13: Human Anatomy (Simplified)
CT14: Human Anatomy & Native American Research Material
CT15: Carving A Woodspirit On a Walking Stick