About Greg

About Greg

I really didn’t even begin woodcarving until I around thirty years old. I thought it might be something fun to do every now and then as a sort of hobby activity when the weather didn’t permit doing something outdoors.

 Boy was I ever wrong!

Almost from the very beginning I was almost obsessed with carving. I loved everything about it; the ability to make unique shapes from a simple block of wood, the way everything else in life kind of disappeared while I was carving, I even just loved the way the tool felt as it sliced its way through the wood. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn, and there is always something to learn as I still find out each day. What had begun as a simple diversion had become a passion.

The next phase of my woodcarving adventures began when I started going to Branson Missouri to “sit in” with the woodcarvers at a well-known shop called the Engler Block. This led to me becoming the Engler Block’s resident woodcarver for the next few years before eventually striking out on my own as self-employed woodcarver.

My career as a professional woodcarver has given me many opportunities over the years. I have taught at some of the biggest woodcarving seminars, such as the Silver Dollar City Seminars, the Woodcarving Rendezvous, and the War Eagle seminars. I have had my work displayed and sold at many shops and galleries throughout the United States. I have written articles and served as moderator on the panel of advisors for “Carving Magazine” which is published by All American Crafts.

The past several years I had sort of semi-retired from full-time woodcarving and teaching woodcarving to re-explore some of the artistic and creative ideas that I have not had the time to pursue because of the business side of woodcarving. In order to keep touching and teaching those who would like to learn how to carve I have designed and produced several “how to” CDs that can be played on a computer.

Now that I am back to carving full-time I find that I am still as passionate and excited about woodcarving as I have ever been. I think my new works will continue to inspire me to new heights and my rededication to my art will result in some new opportunities and thrills to come.