12 inch Dogwood Cross


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Dimensions: 12 inches tall X 8 inches wide X ¾ inches deep

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The newest addition to my carving line is the Dogwood Cross. I recently took a few years off full-time carving to refresh my mind. This time away brought about a renewed passion for my craft and a redefining of priorities. From this arose these Dogwood Crosses. The dogwood blossom is a tribute to my Ozark heritage and the cross represents the new life with which I have been richly blessed.

These Dogwood Crosses come in three sizes, 6 inches tall, 12 inches tall, and 24 inches tall. They are crafted using basswood, stained, and the dogwood flower painted with oil paints with a technique that I have developed which shows color without covering up the beautiful grain of the wood.

It is my sincere hope that these Dogwood Crosses will bless you even more than I have been blessed by the inspiration for them, my Lord Jesus.